Stranger Things – How to survive until Season 2

Many will have heard of Netflix’s 2016 smash hit Stranger Things.
The show follows four kids, one of which has psychic powers, searching for their lost friend.

Everything about this show is awesome. Starting with the artwork.

I watched the whole show in what felt like no time. It’s captivating, full of suspense, and, frankly, waaay to short. Only 8 episodes? What am I gonna do with the rest of my Sunday?!

It’s not just the show that was awesome, the soundtrack was amazing as well. Written and recorded by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of Austin-based synthie band S U R V I V E, it perfectly captured the eerie feeling the show created.

To survive the time until Season 2 finally comes to a Netflix near you, the awesome dudes from Infamous Quests made an awesome Click & Point adventure based on the first season. They allow you to relive the show as if it was your first time, as a part of the story! I loved it (but again, way too short! But hey, everything seems to short when it’s so much fun).

Here’s the description:

99 out of a hundred times, the missing kid is with a parent or relative. This is about that one other time.”

The disappearance of Will Byers has the town of Hawkins, Indiana – and Chief Jim Hopper – on edge.

Based on the Netflix series created by the Duffer Brothers.

This is a one-room, point and click adventure game, done in tribute to the series. Created by Steven Alexander, James Mulvale & Jon Taylor-Stoll of Infamous Quests, this is a small labor of love.

And here is the most important bit, the download link! Just click the picture, install, and have fun!



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